XTREME BDC CENTER AND software solutions bridge the gap between sales, service, and marketing operations to provide Business Owners a robust customer acquisition and retention platform that connects with All consumers in a smarter way, thus building loyal relationships, increasing market share, and profitability

We believe businesses and customers should flourish together, in particular, developing trustworthy relationships through exceptional and lasting experiences. Transparency throughout every aspect of your Business operations empowers consumers to make informed decisions thereby, putting them in control of their own experience. No other company in the industry has the ability to unite every
component of Product and Services into a centralized view that spans throughout the entire customer journey – from beginning to end. Xtreme BDC brings you the only true and total relationship management Business software solution.

Our professional team will conduct Daily interactions with your sales team, sending them perspective customers that are interested in your products and services. We will manage all CRM and interactions to assure nothing gets lost. Yes we will cold call too.


Text messaging is the most popular data service in the world and the foundation of any mobile communications strategy. While a phone call or email is often ignored, a text message rarely goes unnoticed.

XTREME BDC Text is a dynamic two-way text-messaging platform that empowers any Business to communicate with customers and shoppers first and more effectively than competitors. XTREME BDC Text offers a variety of voice and SMS options customized to individuals or specific departments and include standard local phone numbers that achieve the industry’s highest response rates. No matter if numbers are assigned to users or departments, EXTREME BDC Text ensures the right message reaches the intended resource automatically, and customers are not frustrated with hold times. Any unmatched inbound communication automatically displays on an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to match to an existing customer or create a new business opportunity. Unlimited voice numbers, unlimited user and department assignment, and includes such benefits as call back from the text on mobile with call forwarding, an interactive communication package tailored to fit your needs with mobile tap-and-drop product photos, and a brochure link.


What if you could harness the power of a larger sales team and engage customers in a more effective method? Now You Can! XTREME BDC provides fully automated email communication and SMS communication to prospects and unsold customers with intelligent data capture and response to inquiries utilizing profiling technology. XTREME answers during or after business hours to provide additional communication coverage and capture more lead information to improve customer experience. It’s so efficient that you never have to worry about opportunity follow up again. No Excuses!

This exciting, cutting-edge XTREME MACHINE technology goes to work for the Business sales team as a virtual BDC assistant. Our Bots consistently engages opportunities with smart email conversation and has the ability to interpret customer replies, intelligently respond or take action when required. XTREME BDC provides 100 percent engagement to schedule more appointments and gather valuable customer information. All customer communication seamlessly integrates within the CRM, and real-time alerts are sent to the sales staff when action is required. Best of all, Businesses save thousands per year in salaries that would be needed to compensate its ability to produce these additional revenue-generating opportunities.

Follow Up Every Lead and Unsold Customer with 100 Percent Consistent Engagement…Until They Purchase.

  • Engage Customers with Automated Communication, Over a 60 Percent Success Rate!
  • Active Email Communications Keep the Customer Engaged and Sends On-demand Alerts to Sales Team when Action is Required
  • Provides Consistent 100 Percent Customer Engagement, Lead Generation and Follow Up Until the Customer Buys or Opts Out
  • Reactivation Campaigns Determine Status of Inactive Prospects. Over 65 Percent of leads are Still In-market and Re- engage as Hot Alerts
  • Customized Targeted Messaging, Coupon Offers and Maintenance Reminders Maximize Sales and Service Opportunities
  • Real Time Updates, Including Phone Number, Email Address and any consumer information you want to capture – 65 Percent Success Rate Obtaining Mobile Number!
  • Transfers Hot Alerts and Customer Information into CRM. Best of all, the Customer is Expecting the Phone Call
  • Real-time Reporting Provides Information on Any Bad or Duplicate Lead. Detailed Reports Identify Bad Lead Information,

Those Not Interested and the Reason Why


The top activity for 78 percent of smartphone users is checking email, and more than 80 percent will delete those that are not mobile friendly. The XTREME BDC digital team is here to help by providing Business email marketing services tailored to fit your needs. Our responsive, mobile-friendly emails help your Business connect and communicate with consumers in a smarter and more effective way to drive customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty, thereby increasing your profits.

Complete Chat capabilities
Insight-driven Engagement

Chat Facilitates all Sales and Service Interactions

  • Average a 4-second Response Rate
  • Alerts Salespeople when Someone Who has Chatted Previously is Back on the Site
  • Hot Alert Text Notifications
  • Offer Business Managed, Reception Services, and Full Managed Options
  • Compare products and sales prices

Whether it’s a Newsletters, request, sales, or service campaigns, our responsive designed email campaigns include consistent messaging, eye-catching graphics, and a specific call-to-action – all while providing your recipients an end-to-end mobile experience. Best of all, you can pay as you go, or our team of experts will customize a
comprehensive monthly strategy that fits in your communications strategy!

  • Industry Best Practices Applied to Ensure the HIGHEST Deliverability Rates
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance
  • Reporting Available on Every Campaign
  • Recommend Top Performing Campaigns
  • Emails Coded and Optimized for Mobile Devices


SMS Blast

Voice Broadcast


Coupons and Giveaways

Social Media Campaigns and Marketing that is designed to your budget

Social Media Engagements



LEAD FUNNELS put together and deployed

Landing and Capture Pages Built and Deployed just for your company

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We would put together a BDC for you and your company no matter what size

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